President's Message

Welcome Members to the middle of the 2018-2019 fiscal year. We have had some very interesting programs so far this year, and we are hoping that during the next few months we see many more of our members at our events.

So far, we have had – An Excel/Tech topics event with Ben Barrow, CMA. Ben discussed the multitude of different things that Excel, Power Pivot, and Power Query can do with data sets. He also showed us the new exciting things you can do with Excel, and its add-ons.

Next, we had our ethics event at 3 City Center in downtown Rochester presented by Kim Foreman, CMA, CFM. This event led us to question the black and white while still living in our gray world. At the event participants were able to discuss many different business ethics scenarios and what they personally and professionally would do. We also discussed the IMA’s code of ethics and how it applies to life and work.

Then in November we had our awesomely complicated, amazingly every-changing tax law seminar with the famous Toni Spina, CPA. At this event we discussed the compilations of federal and state tax laws. Including updates from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Also discussed was the Wayfair case that recently come out of the Supreme court – which is changing the landscape of sales and use tax laws for all types of business.

Lastly, I am hoping everyone is looking forward to the holiday season – which is right around the corner. After the holidays we have 2 webinars that are coming up as well as an end of year CMA dinner. We hope that you can come out to all of our events.

Emmylou Duell

Rochester IMA Chapter President